Thursday, September 27, 2012


Is it possible to hate everybody, while really hating no one? I have been feeling a whole lot of morose delectation  and ample amount of glee-when-something-terrible-happens-to-someone-else this last week, day, two hours. Maybe I am just falling asleep while standing up and waking to find that everyone is kind of... horrible. Myself included.


Friday, September 14, 2012

Reality Not Included

Who here likes graphic novels? Comic books? Reading, art, or supporting  good cause? That should be ALL OF YOU. Check out this amazing Kickstarter project the talented folks of Brigham Young University has put together, REALITY NOT INCLUDED... CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT. Long story short, these peeps have put together an amazing comic book anthology... I've seen some samples of what the contributors have made, and trust me, it really is quite brilliant.

My husband is finishing up his section as we speak... so maaaaaaaaaaaaaaybe I'm in bed with this project, that doesn't change how awesome Reality Not Included really is.

Love this. Support this. You'll be glad you did.