Monday, March 30, 2009


Remind me to tell you about something.

I'll expound when I feel like it.

When exactly that will be is the real mystery here.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Testimony Meeting

Fast and testimony meeting. Again. And so it begins . . .
After days and days and months and months, maybe even years of robotic, expressionless behavior, this event, of choosing to share something from the depths of the soul, brings out the the bold-faced fact that a lot of people really just need to feel.
AND that they probably never actually let themselves do just that.
Not just feel, but feel feel. And fast and testimony sunday is the day the masses seem to finally let themselves they feel feel . . . and oh, I do mean feel feel. Gratitude, shame, happiness, gratitude, joy, sorrow, did I say gratitude yet?, etc. etc. etc. . . . These people will do the thing they need most to do (and probably more than just once a day). They'll gush and blubber and pour out their little tired hungry souls, oh yes oh yes, they will let you know everything.
Person after person, running up and down to the pulpit, finally feeling



They've been ignoring emotion and life and breathing and life and life and life much too long. So, now is the time they're reminded that they themselves have that thing called humanity, and begin to fall into the depths of that terribly deep well of emotion.
These people, who never let themselves go to the extreme,




Maybe there would be less crying during sacrament meetings if people would just live like they are actually alive and not already dead.

Monday Monday Monday

Once upon a time, I hated watching TV.

Then came 30 Rock . . . and who doesn't love 30 Rock (give it the full 22 minutes and anyone would be hooked).

I thought my little love affair with my television ended there.
But I was so so so wrong.

So wrong.

Monday night is the blessed blessed evening that Gossip Girl starts up the new episodes again

. . . and I may or may not be in love with Ed Westwick.

Just sayin'.


Andy gave me a harmonica on Thursday.

I've been playing it (quite terribly, I might add) in my car along to 
Bon Iver and The Yeah Yeah Yeah's.

I've never really loved the harmonica . . .
till now.

After three days of making loud squeaky noises for my personal musical pleasure,
I've become obsessed.
Mostly, with getting a tiny harmonica for a necklace . . .

and with this song
(probably not the best harmonica song,
but it's in there and I'M IN LOVE with this video. It's a tiny bit of someone else's Heaven.)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I really am running out of tiny notebooks. Running out means I'm down to 6 or 7.

"Claire's Notes of a Very Deliberate Nature"
-last time I titled my notes.

Hmmm. Waste not want not?
That looks like pink morse code or braille.

". . . well. duh. But I also can't wait for all the little things. Like, if my wife has to get to wake up before I do, setting an alarm that will only wake me up a min or 2 before, so that I can wake her up, so she never has to wake up to a nasty alarm..."- Fish. Some people are born romantics.

Maybe I'll be seeing you.

Climb behind all the glow.
Left behind from the lights.
Beaming soft from up there.
Ceiling fan in the way.

"i feel like i have been emotionally unavailable,
but have only just realized it.or was it emotionally uninterested,
which comes out to the same thing."