Monday, January 27, 2014

Tree girl.

Erin is stunningly youthful and beautiful.
A modern day tree sylph.
I am halfway through editing this shoot, and  just got very excited about this photo.

I am learning some new photoshop skills (that would be skillz, for all the "street youths" out there. Thanks, Schmidt) this evening/very early morning. I am really excited about developing more in that direction... about all the new pathways my life has started down lately. Special thanks to my household photoshop wizard husband, who is turning out to be a most fantastic teacher.
The end.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

I forget the plastic frog's name... but it was important.

My friend Avianna is quite the adorable character.
(I took these quick snapshots while she was visiting a photoshoot I was working, and I was so glad I did once I saw how they turned out!)

I hope my future little girls are half as cute as this sweetheart is.

(UPDATE: or at least a GOOD GUESS: The Frog's name was Turman. Which I think was a mix of Herman and Turtle. Which was adorable.)

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Impulse Staff Head Shots (because we're worth it, *insert hair toss)

Before the enormity of Christmas and the holidays hit, I took the staff photos for my place o' employment, Impulse Dance Center. Which was a joy, because every single one of these ladies are GORGEOUS. I love these people. They've really helped make the transition to California living a lot easier.
(Did I mention I live in CA now? Oh, well. There you have it.)

Da da DAAAAA... I give you, the ladies of Impulse Dance Center:

This is me, Miss Claire, because this is my blog, and I demand to get all of the attention.

Miss Alexa, kick-shin boss lady.

Miss Paige, our amazing Office Manager

Miss Gabbe, superhero and fellow teacher

 Miss Talia, GORGEOUS and fellow teacher 

Added bonus round:
We tried to make the boyfriends/husbands participate.
Mine is the attractive beast in the center.

We made them do it. So kudos to them for good form.