Sunday, August 26, 2012

Wreck This.

I need to get more creative. This slump needs to END. Plus, the anxiety and angst of the day/week has finally hit a boiling point, I am THIS CLOSE to chewing a hole in the wall, and I am SO OVER THIS.

My good friend Lynn gave me the best journal for my birthday:
Wreck This Journal
I've been getting all my anger and angst out on this book today (I hate stupid people), and I can clearly say that wrecking this book has been the best outlet I could have had.

So, other that than wrecking my book, and getting out my angst, this girl needs to start creating. I have made a list of things that I could do to kick start my creativity/ehance whatever god-given creativity I have to start with.
  1. Ask Questions - make yourself think!
  2. Break Habits - create new perspectives.
  3. Postpone Judgement -gather more info.
  4. Play with normal logic - explore silliness seriously
  5. Allow things to happen - be receptive to new ideas.
  6. Fluency - how easily can you generate possibilities?
  7. Flexibility - how many categories can you create?
I need to re-learn to how play, or rather, how my old Creative Process Professor used to say, GALUMPH. "Galumphing is the immaculately rambunctious and seemingly inexhaustable play-energy, apparent in puppies, kittens, childern, baby baboons... It is profligate, excessive, exaggerated, uneconomical." (Free Play, pg. 44)

So there it is. How do I let go?  I need to try.


A note I found in a pile of papers:
To: Claire From: Claire
Dear Claire,
You are wonderful. Love yourself. Love, ... uh... Yourself

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Little One.

This is probably how cool my future kids are going to be. Just sayin'.

Monday, August 13, 2012


Me, enjoying my fame.
Last March, as a part of the Performing Dance Company, I had the opportunity to perform 'Torch', a  really epic and athletic piece choreographed by the brilliant Eric Handman, at Kingsbury Hall. This was something I was really excited and honored to do. Here's a few of my favorite backstage photos (I'm 5 months late, sooooo sue me. I'm a busy girl):

 The ladies of 'Torch' and their impressive box-like shirts of POWER!

Look at those impressive Battle Scars.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


HELLO FRIENDS. It's been too long... between moving, my anniversary, restarting Body Logic after our summer vacation (guess who's teaching ballet to the ladies this month? Let me just shine my nails on my blouse and look coy for a second), and trying to decorate my new place... I've been booked SOLID. I'll update more often, cross my heart, with photos and the like. School starts in less then a month, and I... ah... have mixed feelings about this... DEFLECTING THE CONVERSATION: I have been spending way to much time at IKEA. This has become a standard conversation between husband and I:
I love that movie.
(What I didn't love was the "You're totally Summer, Claire." Awesome BFFs... at least this isn't 2009 anymore.)