Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Some more Fall photos, Eyes Lips Eyes and Co.

Dear CA friends,
Come back and visit me! I miss my you my people, my friends.This completely includes (but is not limited to) David Eff, Marcello, and the Eyes Lips Eyes (formerly The Elizabethan Report) fellows.
Last time I got to hang out with all of the above-listed-friends I was at a Eyes Lips Eyes show at the Velour, a music venue in Provo - like Chuckie Cheese, a place where a kid could be a kid (!), Velour is a place where a kid could put-on-a-pair-of-skinnies-and-a-t-shirt-with-the-arms-ripped-off could feel-comfortable-in-their-androgynous-haircut and also feel like kid (but hipper). But it's also a place where a kid could go and listen to some amazing music... so I am there often and so should you be... just, please, nix the no-arms-t-shirt. Your skinny arms need to see the sun.
But I digress...

Pre-show lounging with David Eff, Jessica P, and myself.
All the cool kids lounge and grimace simultaneously. 

  I'm probably thinking about pop punk here.
Most specifically Fall Out Boy.
That one was for Jackie.

Marcello making time with the LADIES. Though I think one of those girls was engaged. Probably.
Eyes Lips Eye put on a smashing good show. I danced till someone chastised me for dancing in the middle of a family buffet/diner. Then I went to the show and danced some more. I also shadowed (meaning stood next to and generally peppered with questions) the great Marcello Ambriz (check out his blog MJA Photography) snapped a couple great photos of the show.

Rabid fans. Those girls mean business...
 ...and this boy. Yow.

Real Dead.

 This is another LAST FALL type blog post. My friend Ben made a short film for the Cinematography class last semester. It was about a zombie take-over of the Marriott Center for Dance, because obviously, Zombies just want to groove. 16mm film + broken camera = awesome fluttering action on the developed film. This effect that wasn't REALLY wanted, but in a zombie movie, the fluttering made the film look like some sort of kick shin apocalyptic documentary.

Getting Eowyn into character.

Happy almost un-dead Mike.

 A star is born...?

The un-dead take on anime.

Love them.

 There goes my last chance to run for office. 
I should teach girls how to look (soooo) good for the camera.
Personally, I think I've never looked better.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

sheena was a punk rocker

 Punk Rock Kitties.


 They will beat you up... and then cuddle you.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Moonrise Kingdom

I have this affinity with Wes Anderson films.
What is everyone's favorite?

I am counting the days till it May 25th. 

Moonrise Kingdom Trailer from Jason Weinberger on Vimeo.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Way back in October... there was a holiday.

My husband made, YES MADE, me a kick-shin Rogue (from the X-Men).
Yes, he went as Gambit.
We're in love. What can I say?
Oh most diligent of men, your sewing skills are both sexy and completely beyond my own capabilities, though I can sew on a mean button. Literally mean. Those thing come with fangs, I swear).
Look out Comic Con 2012!

Pattern Making

Fabric Annihilation

Boy got skillz. I immediately regret typing that out.

After all that... 
how did I not get a photo of myself?
Anyone capture this? Maybe Jessica???

Sexy Gambit.

Bob Dylan

Some Vegetable

Madame Squelette


No costume... so... ballooning enthusiast.

Best fairytale ever.

Bolex 16mm

Last semester I took a cinematography class and learned how to film on a Bolex 16mm camera, as part of the requirements for the Screen Dance certification. I really enjoyed learning to film movies on actual film, as well as learning to edit linearly with razors and tape. I worked on the same station ET was edited on... or so the film department legend goes.

My film is due at the end of this month... so cross your fingers that I kick my butt into gear and get it finished up. I also have a couple rolls of film that I need to digitize and show off. I'll tie a bow around my finger.

I love/d the vintage look to the Bolex, don't you? Old cameras look so industrial, like they mean business (did someone say steam punk?). Here's a few of my favorite pics from the camera photo shoot that I help in my living room in the middle of the night. I love me some insomnia. 

 This last photo is not my favorite, but it really shows the details of the camera.
Pretty cool, hm?

Friday, January 6, 2012

If you liked it...

I love huge bizarre finger-wear. I'm talking about rings, people.
My ring finger is a tiny 5 and a quarter (tosses hair), so I have a hard time finding the right size rings for my delicate hands (double hair toss). So, you know, know that you have my measurements (whirlwind of hair tossing... Dashboard songs are wrote about this moment).

Just another one of my lists. This time, of ring pretties:

Who doesn't love, and I mean lovelove, vintage rings? via

I may be wrong about the ring...
but I am sure the pretty-darn-close-to-matching bracelet is by Iwona Ludy Design

I have been wear a very similar eyeball ring lately. Teenagers want to be me. Children fear me.

Finger Armor via

Tiny Jeweled Owl via

MIRTA Jewelry via

 Spell it out. via

Loved via

Always Ring via
Wah. I want want this but I only have a photos sans creator/store link.

Humerus? Femur? I just know I want it. via

"A woman’s “memorial poesy ring” from 1592,
made of gold and rock crystal.
On the ring’s inner surface is inscribed,
“The cruel seas, remember, took him in November.” "
When I die, I am forcing Chris to make one of these for the entire family. I just want to keep everyone extremely sad. You know... because I'm extremely extremely  important.

Human Bone Wedding Rings 
Disgusting or beautiful?
I tried to convince husband this was the route we should take when talking wedding rings. These rings were made by harvesting bone cells from each of the couple's jawbones.
"Using bioglass, a special bioactive ceramic which mimics the structure of bone material, researchers are growing rings made out of the couples' bone." To read more, click here.

Victorian Skull Ring via

Buenos Aires based artist Celina Saubidet via

Wicked sweet hand cuff. via

 Lulu Frost CODE ring. I want a lucky number 7.

Pamela Love. Oh... just some phases of the moon. 

oui via

Remember the milk and eggs. via

1984 is a rat. Joy.

Hands via

Projector Ring via
"In a darkened room, light from a candle or LED passes through the ring to project a series of portraits. A selection of miniature slides were made of different family portraits and inserted into the edge of the ring for projection."

Obsidian Tomb Ring by Bloodmilk via

 Matryoshka Ring

V-Day is coming up pretty soon? Hmm.