Monday, July 14, 2008

Facebook Chat is ruining my social skills.

Quinston -


Quinston -

oh, so you dont speak to me

Claire -


Hi Q. I was wondering what happened to you today.

Quinston -


yea I know, thats why im writing you

I read minds, you know

Claire -

Hey . . . I ALSO had that thought today. No joke. I was walking into the gym, and the girl at the front desk had spiky hair, and I thought, "It's a good thing that she can't read minds, cause I'm thinking wayyyy to many mean things about that style choice right now."

And then she handed me back my card and said, "Thanks claire!" -in her chipper spiky haired way. I had to stop a second and just blink . . . how did she know my name . . . ?

And then it hit me . . . the computer she ran my card through has my info. Phew.

Quinston -


close one

Claire -

wow. novel.

I might turn that into a blog.

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  1. so yeah, i am addicted to facebook chat too. is so bad that even when i have friends over my house, i am still chatting on facebook. so if they want my attention they need to log into facebook. otherwise i dont talk to them. cause i just dont know how to talk anymore.