Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Cupcake Girl

Last night, one of my life-long dreams was fulfilled.

I became an Alsoran Cupcake Girl.

I used to only hold the title of "Alsoran Dancer" or "Girl Who Taught Chusten How To Tap Dance On The Hardwood Floor of The Entryway To My Parents Old House In South Jordan", but now I can add the new, more prestigous title to my social resume.

P.S. The Cupcake was divine, green, from Whole Foods Market, and tasted like cookie dough (according to Chusten). This is probably good knowledge to have if you are a cupcake aficionado, like myself.


  1. yes. yes of course.
    you must be referring to me as some sort of small edible cake.

  2. Hi Claire! That cupcake looks YUMMY! I got your blog from Maeva's blog! I miss seeing you everyday!