Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Sometimes, this gets hard.
Not really tedious or unforgiving,
just terribly

Cat and mouse variations. This really the same story for me.

#6. I'm really sorry that I took away both of your favorite toys. But wasn't worth it when I ran back outside and took your face in both my hands through your window? I wonder what would have happened if you'd stayed.

"The Carrot is the magic wand used by Meredith for all the group dancing and good revenge."

I probably would have fallen for Tyler Durden too. Hole in the cheek and everything.

"You should drive around and listen to The Postal Service like I am doing now.
Not lately, anyways.Just listen and look into all the lights on all the hills, dream about colors you've never seen, all the heartbeats wristwatch ticks you've heard and about how far you could drive without being missed."
-Me to you on Tuesday night

"FULL. FULL. FULL. FULL." -my phone every 15 minutes of a text conversation

#30-ish. You were an angel and a a complete fake at the
Though you did know how to pedal quite swiftly.

I miss Katie. Katy? Kati? It's fading so that I don't even remember the correct spelling. I never wanted to forget the details. I have her number in my phone still (I'm pretty sure her name is wrong there too.) but I can't bring myself to erase it.

I'm still fascinated with those tiny/colorful/funny shaped erasers you could buy at the elementary school that came in the little plastic tubes. Getting them seemed like such a Friday afternoon thing to do.

#9. I've quite forgotten you.

The night (that night, oh night) had the echoes of "Lover's Spit" fading into the blue and I was really only aware of how the thimble only fit exactly over my pointer finger if I pressed it down hard, making my fingerprints have little indents.

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