Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Espana is golden

This last April, the Contemporary Dance Ensemble (my beloved modern dance company, working out of UVU, which I have been dancing with for years and years and years) packed up and headed out to perform and tour through the beautiful land of honeysuckle and hotel cats and hotties with Euro-trash mullets right after graduation.

Oh, didn't I mention my triumphant college graduation?
I'm such a grown up now. Or at least I'm
supposed to be one now.
(I don't see that actually happening.)



Alicia Trujillo was our fabulous photographer for the trip. So make her famous and feast your creepy peepers on this adventure...


  1. Jealously is not a strong enough word. Spain looks divine- and you of course look gorgeous in it.

  2. Wow! It looks like you had an amazing time! I actually get to go to Spain in like 2 weeks! I'm visiting a friend in Madrid. We're going to Sevilla and Galicia and Segovia too! I am so excited. Please tell me all about your trip and give me all kinds of advice!

  3. Just stumbled onto your blog from Rockstar...

    I LOVE your blog title!! And then there's your acrobatic dance move poses in exotic places - oh my! How would it be to have such talent AND a passport with a hundred stamps in it?! Making me jealous!

  4. ReasonsWhyWeLoveClaire! That's the one.

    Now and Now and Now isn't bad either!

  5. Your pictures are always so beautiful and artistic Claire. I'm jealous that you got to tour! So fun!

  6. first of all, congratulations on graduation. im sure it feels amazing to be done. second, how cool that you guys toured in Espana. I have never been to Spain, but I will be going in two days to Madrid, which I am very excited for. I hope someday you come to NYC to dance. I will be there in the front row for sure.