Friday, July 24, 2009

Bring on the Bottle Nosed and Barnacled!

This little film clip made me want to immediately run out to the nearest Lisa Frank store and buy one of those paintings with orca-whales and dolphins swimming in a brilliantly colored sea. Maybe I'm mixing my colorful novelty items, so on the safe side, I'd grab up any, if not all, of the trapper-keepers featuring smiling sea-life.

Normally, I'd mock any of those previously items extensively. But this kinda changed my mind for .06 seconds.

Plus, I want to hire those dolphins to teach me the trick...

just in case Swim Club ever gets reinstated.

THEN I'd probably become Swim Club royalty and finally knock Becca off her throne (the girl brought cupcakes to the pool once.
ONCE. Just because the girl is on a mission, doesn't mean that the title has been abolished.)!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Baked Salmon Claire

My car is an oven.
I just chugged an entire 1 liter of Aquafina.

I need to work on NOT passing out on the freeway.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Espana is golden

This last April, the Contemporary Dance Ensemble (my beloved modern dance company, working out of UVU, which I have been dancing with for years and years and years) packed up and headed out to perform and tour through the beautiful land of honeysuckle and hotel cats and hotties with Euro-trash mullets right after graduation.

Oh, didn't I mention my triumphant college graduation?
I'm such a grown up now. Or at least I'm
supposed to be one now.
(I don't see that actually happening.)



Alicia Trujillo was our fabulous photographer for the trip. So make her famous and feast your creepy peepers on this adventure...