Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I want it, I want it...

Despite the fact that I'm currently entertaining a very unfriendly strain of the strep throat, today just became one of my best days I've had all year.


God Bless YouTube, because it is always there
(sitting on my computer desktop, making me look up 'Party In The USA' and 'Three Year Old Cries Over Justin Beiber')... and because it is there, and because I have been a bored little shut-in for the last 3 days, enough to actually get on YouTube (what am I? My nine year old brother?), I decided that I'd chance at looking up the title of one of my absolute favorite modern dance pieces.

"You're Invited:
Our Slideshow to Arches National Park"
by the fabulous eunkyung kim


Hummmanahaaa nnnaaa naaa... I can't even begin to describe the overall brilliance of this dance. Ever since that fatefulfatefulfateful ACDF (American College Dance Festival... sometimes they add another 'A' at the end of that for 'association'... just a question, but am I the only one who get's annoyed when that 'A' is thrown in there nilly-willy?) I've been hoping for a way to see it again and again.

Thank You, thank you, dearest of YouTubes.

So, watch, and enjoy.

I truly wish you could have seen the piece in real life.

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