Tuesday, September 21, 2010

dove evolution and how I hate myself a little less

I had to edit a movie of myself on Saturday, and yes it turned out beautiful. Jess was an incredible videographer (I post this soon, I promise). BUT as I was sorting through all the raw footage, I was left feeling preeeeetty ugly. We had rented a macro lens, so every minute detail was larger than life. Very pretty at times.... BUT mostly kinda gross. Hairs and toe nails and fat is a billion times more hairy, toe nail-y, and fatty. I was trying to stay sane about it, telling myself that "NO ONE IS PERFECT" and "EVERYONE LOOKS DISGUSTING UNDER A MICROSCOPE", but needless to say, it was hard.

Watching this Dove commercial on beauty image helped kick me back into a more healthy self-esteem. Thanks be for You-Tube advertising. It kicked me where I needed to be kicked.

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