Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Smartiepants. Smartie Pants? One or two words?

Exactly the thing I needed to feel better:

Me: Ryan. Grad school is making me talk like a smartie pants and no one likes me because of this unfortunate detail.
Ryan: Soon they'll all need hermeneutic approaches to your cacophony of non-heuristic semiotics rattling through their aural phenomena until the thing in itself reveals the thing it was, unbound from a hermetic noumena, free from teleological angst, and our only point of contact with reality will be the present, which offers us the whole of reality, precisely because it is a passage and a metamorphosis, revealing that all we ever have been saying is "yes."

Ryan: Was that too much? Admittedly, it didn't end where it started, but I promise it makes makes some sense.
Me: Talk me through all the big words and I will be the prettiest girl at the grad school prom.

1 comment:

  1. Non-heuristic semiotics. Hahahaaaa!

    Grad School makes one verbose.