Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Perfectly Perfect Valentines

This video has every thing: trophies, serial killer-esq dolls, romance, winking heads, pianists, bondage, cellophane H2O, and a xylophone made out of a skeleton. This is how romance usually goes, doesn't it? Well, NOT THIS YEAR.

May your V-day be foolishly naughty and deliriously delicious and so on and so forth... If you are against the commercialized romantical holiday of the month, you could just celebrate my half-birthday. I'll allow it. Keep the street rioting to a minimum. Si Vous Plez. Hooray February 14th!
May this video posting be my First Valentine I'm giving out this year.
Hugs, kisses, and black-eyed bears,

(P.S. my good friend Naomi had her pretty baby today... sweetheart baby photos are the best texts to start the day with. Congrats dear girl... yea verily... I am so happy for your bouncing baby girl.)

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