Saturday, February 19, 2011

Be brave.

I never said I was a daredevil, but I have surprised myself occasionally.

I just want YOU (you know who you are) to stop living like you enjoy your self-made cage of cool, your zoo of self-preservation, or whatever it is that cements your bars solid and strings your barbed-wire up.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

"We're just like circus folk."

She turns the wheel and pulls forward, blocking the newly dented Ford Focus in the driveway. She looks out the passenger side window at the boy loading art supplies into the trunk, and yells through the glass of the passenger side window, "I LOVE YOU!".

Staring just wasn't getting her the fix she needs to go the rest of the day.

The boy looks up, then calmly walks to her door... which he throws open and pulls the girl into a jump through the air, allowing her to fly into arms, bracing the impact with his lips, his mouth, his laughter.

She wraps her legs around him, as the joke of the day has become "We're just like circus folk." Sh
e laughs at the song streaming from the interior of car, mockingly stroking the side of his face, telling him the Nelly's 'Ride With Me' is now "their song".

And they dance in the driveway (to very bad top 40's) till their fingers are chilled and February reminds them where they are supposed to be.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hero Worship

Love Note

(You probably remember doing this in grades K-6... but...)
I'm going to make a Valentines box this year. I miss having to be careful with the wording of my Valentines cards to the boys in my 5th grade class. NO WAY was I going to let them think I actually loved them.


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Perfectly Perfect Valentines

This video has every thing: trophies, serial killer-esq dolls, romance, winking heads, pianists, bondage, cellophane H2O, and a xylophone made out of a skeleton. This is how romance usually goes, doesn't it? Well, NOT THIS YEAR.

May your V-day be foolishly naughty and deliriously delicious and so on and so forth... If you are against the commercialized romantical holiday of the month, you could just celebrate my half-birthday. I'll allow it. Keep the street rioting to a minimum. Si Vous Plez. Hooray February 14th!
May this video posting be my First Valentine I'm giving out this year.
Hugs, kisses, and black-eyed bears,

(P.S. my good friend Naomi had her pretty baby today... sweetheart baby photos are the best texts to start the day with. Congrats dear girl... yea verily... I am so happy for your bouncing baby girl.)