Sunday, August 26, 2012

Wreck This.

I need to get more creative. This slump needs to END. Plus, the anxiety and angst of the day/week has finally hit a boiling point, I am THIS CLOSE to chewing a hole in the wall, and I am SO OVER THIS.

My good friend Lynn gave me the best journal for my birthday:
Wreck This Journal
I've been getting all my anger and angst out on this book today (I hate stupid people), and I can clearly say that wrecking this book has been the best outlet I could have had.

So, other that than wrecking my book, and getting out my angst, this girl needs to start creating. I have made a list of things that I could do to kick start my creativity/ehance whatever god-given creativity I have to start with.
  1. Ask Questions - make yourself think!
  2. Break Habits - create new perspectives.
  3. Postpone Judgement -gather more info.
  4. Play with normal logic - explore silliness seriously
  5. Allow things to happen - be receptive to new ideas.
  6. Fluency - how easily can you generate possibilities?
  7. Flexibility - how many categories can you create?
I need to re-learn to how play, or rather, how my old Creative Process Professor used to say, GALUMPH. "Galumphing is the immaculately rambunctious and seemingly inexhaustable play-energy, apparent in puppies, kittens, childern, baby baboons... It is profligate, excessive, exaggerated, uneconomical." (Free Play, pg. 44)

So there it is. How do I let go?  I need to try.


A note I found in a pile of papers:
To: Claire From: Claire
Dear Claire,
You are wonderful. Love yourself. Love, ... uh... Yourself

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