Friday, October 19, 2012

Monster Mash: Zombie Time

I hate running. Yesterday I full on sprinted for 3.5 minutes carrying a laptop and five books to the train. I think my  lungs started bleeding.Thank UTA. I much prefer swimming lon repeat aps while my mind plays Queen songs or using the Elliptical in front of the Food Network (or beastly reality TV that I normally avoid aka Talentless Hacks The Kardashians or Sad Orange People Jersey Shore) think that the only time I am best friends with running is when I am running out of the basement away from velociraptors (ages 9-19... who am I kidding. That basement is still FULL of velociraptors. Thanks, Jurassic Park). I think that this principle can be applied to that future time when zombies inherit the earth and I MUST run to survive. Which is why I was excited when I found out about the 'ZOMBIES, RUN!' App... finally, a way to motivate me, really motivate me.

Haute Macabre says: " Zombies, Run! is an interactive iPhone game (out on Android shortly) that lets you play out a post-apocalyptic zombie scenario (presented in radio play format) as you jog."

Let the sweating begin.

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