Saturday, December 8, 2012

iT'S OVER, Lush, and the joys of getting things.

Ahhhh... Christmas break is finally here... Today was the last day of the semester. Today the nightmare is over. Goodbye stress dreams. Goodbye breakouts, forgetting to eat, and not doing my hair for weeks on end. I am ready for my rest and relaxation. But let me fill you in on what has been going on these last couple weeks.

Last weekend was my Graduate Thesis concert, where I premiered my modern dance piece "I am a work of fiction." After two semesters (really really though...? A YEAR for McKenzie, Samantha, and myself... ohhhhh the duet....) of working on this piece, after running my piece over and over through the thesis committee gauntlet, the faculty scrutiny, after the nightmares and the stress spasms... this performance finally happened! Flowers and applause is what I'm taking to the bank right now. It was very well received, and I haven't heard the end of all the great things about the performances. And that leads into some other great news...  I am so very pleased to announce that my piece has been chosen to be performed at the American College Dance Festival this coming Spring semester! I AM ON A ROLL.

Sweet sweet validation... something I don't often get from my art form. Modern dance is a cruel mistress.

I will definitely be posting pictures (and video?) of this piece soon, but right now I have to give a shout out to all of my sweet, beautiful, and talented talented TALENTED ladies, who trusted me to lead them through this journey, and in turn taught me so much.  These dancers made my job easy, really. They were brilliant at being present and prepared to work hard every rehearsal, they all had the chops to handle the choreography, the changes upon changes, the improvisation, the theatrics.... If any of you are reading this, I LOVE YOU.

To end this little love fest, I would just like to give mad props to my girls for knowing me so so well.  They gave me a really great gift the last night of the show:

-which is this amazing bath bomb, "Cinders", that CRACKLED and the most fragrant soap on god's green earth, "Honey I washed the kids". Go here. Buy a bunch of stuff immediately.

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