Monday, December 2, 2013

Merry Merry and Good ol' Bing

Day #1 of December.
You know what that means...
egg nog, Bing Crosby, and one aluminum tree. 

As I rock out to "White Christmas", and tend to my arms, scratched to pieces from winding lights on branches, I try to make some Christmas plans. Mostly, I just want to create some new traditions for husband and me.

I think that tonight is just perfect. Tonight, with the decorating, old musical movie, and macaroons and sweet drinks is perfect and everything magical that I love about this season.

There will be other days to spread the love and charity, etc etc. Thus and henceforth and amen and amen, Day #1 of the season will be an indulgence. Or, at the very least, a day to be cozy.

If you have any amazing Christmas traditions you think I should try-out, please please feel free to tell me about them.

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