Wednesday, April 23, 2014

I need more opportunities to quote Ben Folds.

This is a love note to my sister Kate.

Not only does Kate run like a dragon, plays wipe out on the drums, has excellent taste in cake and (occasionally) boys, but she also allows you to drag her onto the top of a mountain in a party dress and bare legs.
Needless to say... I love my sister Kate.

Ben Folds, the wordsmith and my (rather obscure) celebrity crush, said it best:
"I wanna be Kate."

Kate, You are my sister and my friend and I am thankful for both of these things every day. Thank you for always being willing to jump in front of a camera for me. You are beautiful beyond words, inside and out. I look up to you every day (insert sound effects of a rim shot here, plus the laugh track from Seinfeld, though this WAS a terribly veiled attempt at a pun). I promise to NEXT TIME put you in clothes more befitting to the temperature/epic-ness of the environment. You are so damn good at this, I hope you know how much I'm routing for you to DO THIS PROFESSIONALLY. I mean it. 

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  1. And you can see the daisies in her footsteps...