Friday, April 18, 2008

Brenda Starr should be your best friend too.

I've been thinking about this a lot lately . . . I don't smoke. I never will. But you have to admit that there are some sentences best said whilst sitting cross-legged on a desk, lighting up a cigarette, circa 1954.

Just for a taste of how cool you could be, cut a straw in half, put on a short skirt-business suit reminiscent of Brenda Starr, add a few finger waves to your newly bobbed hair, and simply lounge somewhere keen. Then try dropping a few of these choice lines (remember to take liberal drags on your straw and lazily talk with your eyes half closed):

"Invisible boyfriends have the best conversations."
". . . and then he removed his eye patch and kissed me."
"I've never met a wealthy man I wasn't in love with."
"I've got a scoop you could really sink your teeth into."
"As your personal assistant I'm completely available to answer . . . mmm . . . personal questions . . . "
"Happy Birthday Mr. President."

Please feel free to add your own line at this point. I have a feeling this could possibly be right up your alley.

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