Sunday, June 22, 2008

Beautiful Things

(circa "YOU'RE INVITED! My China Vacation Spring 2008" style)
  • The train whistle sounded just like the stereotypical Indian (aka. Native American) war cry.
  • beekeepers working on the side of the road
  • looking through to the light between rows and rows of skinny trees tightly packed together
  • the paper parasols in the street vendor's booths- stacks and stacks of thin multi-colored butterflies.
  • mom and dad under the lover's tree in the garden of the Forbidden City
  • all the red Tiananmen Square
  • picking up pebbles for Vince
  • The beggar who applauded us when we came out of the Forbidden City, smiling large toothless smiles because he enjoyed that bottle of water.
  • Hong Kong. Period. The End.
  • purplish pink leaves in amongst the green green green trees
  • fog (ohhhh the mysterious fog)
  • billions of bicycles, falling apart, tied to trees any other stationary object (don't stand still too long in Bejing
  • the British boys (Bonnie didn't think so. Humph) who hiked the Great Wall next to, behind, in front of us
  • finishing Leaves of Grass while in another country (nothing like sensual American literature to stir that patriotic lust for freedom)
  • the mix of French and Chinese culture at the last restaurant in Guangzhou that tried to poison me