Sunday, June 22, 2008

Swing and Bunny and 2 summers ago

"Our common cause
Drink liquid clock
Till I see God
Crystal display I can't turn off"

-Conor Oberst

Hey Vince or Eric . . . I want my copy of this back . . . you know.


  1. Claire Valene Bagley!
    What in the world are you up to? I was thinking about you, and "the Swan" the other day. I AM THE SWAN!!!!!


  2. Meredith! Holy Hannah, you're married! I totally miss your Meredith face.

  3. Claire my dear!!! Wow I have not talked to you in what seems like a decade. I miss your craziness. It has been far too long but it is good to see you have a blog now. What are you doing now? Let me know, I have missed you sweetness!!!