Sunday, November 16, 2008

Pretty Mandee

I love this girl.
I took these photos forever and a day ago.
So tonight, I finally FINALLY have gotten the time to proclaim that she's one of the prettiest people I know.
Love lub luv wuv.


  1. oh claire bear. You do wonders for my self esteem. and the 8th picture down makes me look anorexic. Thats why it's my favorite. jk jk lol omg roflmao

    luv lub juv jub

  2. These pictures are stunning. She really is one pretty girl. As are you. Just sayin.

  3. these are really great. of course, I don't know that i really have an eye for great photography. but in a narcissistic world when i think i know/blog about what is/should be most important to everyone else...i guess my positive opinion would be a grand compliment.

    so way to go.