Sunday, March 15, 2009


Andy gave me a harmonica on Thursday.

I've been playing it (quite terribly, I might add) in my car along to 
Bon Iver and The Yeah Yeah Yeah's.

I've never really loved the harmonica . . .
till now.

After three days of making loud squeaky noises for my personal musical pleasure,
I've become obsessed.
Mostly, with getting a tiny harmonica for a necklace . . .

and with this song
(probably not the best harmonica song,
but it's in there and I'M IN LOVE with this video. It's a tiny bit of someone else's Heaven.)


  1. Ashley mae has a tiny harmonica on a necklace.

    You can buy them at Keith Jorgensen's, I think. I know I have seen them for sale somewhere in Provo.

  2. AH!! Fish just found one for me!!! My life is complete.

    Maybe I should blog this.