Tuesday, May 26, 2009

All good things absolutely positively must come to an end...MAKING WAY FOR...

I have a deep adoration for spring . . .

But I'm growing impatient for the days
when I can get away with wearing THIS all day long:

-esq swimsuits
AND non-flip-flop sandals
I have a a long-withstanding crush on Summer.


  1. Summer Roberts?? Me too!

  2. oooh i want that swimsuit. so the word I have to verify below is "Hottyrack" How fitting. for you.

  3. I own almost that exact same bathing suit. The 'black classic sheath', it's extremely flattering. I sometimes wear it around my house with high heels when no one is home.

  4. I have those sandals and I love love love em!

    So much more fun than flip flops...
    even worth the heckles I get from guys who just don't get fashion.