Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I never really loved dance quotes... till now.

Ryan Nielson wrote this. Maybe I wasn't supposed to stumble across this. Maybe I wasn't... but it was accidently thrown in my path and for that I am grateful.

"In dance woman expresses herself as a member of a higher community; she has forgotten how to walk and speak and is on the way toward flying, dancing into the air. Her very gestures are of enchantment…. She feels herself to be a god, going about in ecstasy, exalted, like the gods beheld in her dreams.... She is no longer an artist, she has become a work of art. In a paroxysm of intoxication the creative power of all nature has come to light in her as the highest rapture of the one that is All. Nature, with its true voice undissembled cries out to us: "Be as I am! I, the primordial ever-creating mother amidst the ceaseless flux of appearances, ever impelling into existence, eternally finding in these transformations satisfaction." (Friedrich Nietzsche)"



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  1. I love it...it makes me want to be a dancer...even more than i want to be already :)