Sunday, March 27, 2011

Evan Meets World

... Not just two thirds of the title of a hit TGIF sitcom in the 90's... Let's talk about my good friend Evan.

>Evan Carpenter has a good life. He travels. He's shoots film. He occasionally bumps into yours truly at shows in Provo. He's been labeled as "the indie Zac Efron". Plus, he's in a top three list I once made (You're welcome.).

A good good life.

Did I mention, and this was before my last paragraph got awkward, that he shoots film, travels... something along those lines? This boy gots talent (word). He created and hosts and SHOOTS a travel web show called "Evan Meets World" or EMW. Now I feel lazy. Thanks.
Let's break it down, or better yet, let me be even more lazy and copy and paste the boy's own words about his kickass YouTube channel: "EvanMeetsWorld is a travel show for adventurous souls with no money... or less money. No luxury getaways on this channel. Evan goes on cheap cultural adventures with a backpack and a camera. Stay tuned: Mexico, and India are next."

I'm gonna keep watching. You should probably start.
Right. Now.

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