Saturday, March 12, 2011

Impossible Bodies

This week for my Dancing Bodies class in GRADUATE SCHOOL (oh my gosh, I'm a genius and a snob and pretentious and so forth) I had to make a 2 minute film involving something that a normal-everyday-run-of-the-mill-innocent-bystander-type body wouldn't be able to do. Think super power-riffic. Think of the Impossible Body.

I went with levitation... naturally.

Watch Me.

This was quickly made, and quickly edited, but all and all I think we did a pretty tight job.
Thank you, oh thank you, dearest of Marshals and most gregarious of Christophers. You saved me with all your good help and advice.


  1. aaaaah that made me so happy.

  2. Aw such a cutie romantic claire. I love your skillz. It looks so professional. And bravo Chris loved the acting!