Friday, July 1, 2011

The Wedding Countdown Paper Chain #1

There are only
I can hardly believe it.
My friend Ben told me I needed a paper chain to count down the days... so I'm going to make that today. Maybe I need to do a daily countdown post, much like my October monster posting but less scary, and more loving. I am hugely stress about getting invites out, picking out flowers, setting up lighting, and getting every little detail perfected... I almost lose the forest for the trees.

The point is this: I am so excited to marry my best friend.
Cliché ? Probably. But truly, I love him. He has been a light to me in a heavy, sedated world. I can't imagine going through with this with any other fellow... I can't. So, this wedding is going down, whether or not I have the right cutlery, my hair falls completely out of my skull, my bridesmaids all show up on hallucinogenic mushrooms, or if I end up serving pb&j instead of filet mignon. That stuff doesn't matter next to the fact that Chris and Claire are starting an adventure, this train is leaving soon, and I'm joyfully waving my arms and every single handkerchief out the window and into the sun.

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  1. I love it. Jason and I made a paper chain countdown to our wedding too. Only we did it when we still had 70 days left... it was a very long chain!