Saturday, October 8, 2011

Human Furby

There is something about fall that makes me want to luxuriously lounge on a white bear skin rug, a la rap video/60's Bond movie. Maybe that is why I bought that white fur coat in Atlanta, GA last Christmas (faux fur... What am I rolling in money? Maybe when I fire 6 of my 15 serving maidens and 12 of my pay-as-you-hang friends, auction the golden unicorn babies, and sell my gall bladder and kidney on the black market I could afford NICE vintage. Plus, I think the guilt would get to me, and I'd end up pouring red paint on myself) The thing has laid dormant in the back of my closet for an entire year. Time I bust out my faux-pet, and start talking in a faux-French accent. That's what luxury does to me... makes me a complete snob. Be prepared for the snubbing of your life.  
(I REALLY want a pink fur. I really am a three year old playing dress up constantly.)

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