Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Photo booth darlings.

Confession: I haven't gone through any of my wedding photos yet. I'm just so terribly busy and important, and my life so colorful and thrilling AND BUSY AND IMPORTANT... didn't I ever mention how utterly absolutely fabulous I am? Well... I guess time has gotten away from me. I started the photo-looking process by going through all the photo booth photos. And voilà! New facebook album (you know... for the kids) and one belated wedding blog post à la Claire.
The winners of the "Blue Ribbon/State Semi-Finalist/Claire likes these photos a lot" Competition:



  1. Jessica is so photogenic. I dont know what happened with me. I felt pretty that day...

  2. YOU ARE PRETTY. Especially at my wedding/reception. Geeze Louise. You're worse than me.

  3. you are such a hot babe in all of these. teach me.

    i wanna see more wedding pictures! they are so good. i loved this day. i miss you. that short phone convo the other day was not enough!