Friday, December 2, 2011

Lace me up.

Every year, after winter/Christmas/holidays are over, I always have a feeling of slight regret. I never really gave myself a chance to enjoy that time of year. Forget skiing, sledding, drinking hot cocoa by a fire while listening to carols played by hammer dulcimer, making snow angels, and ice skating. I simply... got busy. I had to work. I never had the money. Etc. I completely got stuck in a pattern of being a "grown up". This is my vow, as the holidays are in full swing: I WILL ENJOY MY WINTER. Starting with the ice skating. As soon as this semester is over (DEC 9 = LAST DAY OF CLASSES. WOOT.) I am going to the Gallivan Center outdoor ice skating rink, and shooshing around till i can't feel my toes.
Who's with me?


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