Friday, February 22, 2013

Dancer, A Documentary, by Alyssa Tolman

I always really like talking about my talented friends.
Well, get to know this girl: Alyssa Tolman.
Alyssa, I stole this photo off of facebook. Don't be mad.
She is an extremely talented, extremely hilarious lady. Please check out the video below, a mockumentary she wrote, directed, shot, and edited: Dancer, A Documentary.
Tolman is a hottie dancer herself, a fellow graduate student at the University of Utah, so her inside take on the dance world (more specifically, ballet vs. modern) in this tongue-in-cheek mockumentary is well-played, poignant, and, of course, very funny.

Dancer, A Documentary
(starring Jamie Myers as the Modern Dancer and Hannah Bowcutt as the ballerina... watch for my cameo as obnoxious vegan. I'm faaaaaaaaaaaaamous.)

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