Saturday, March 9, 2013

Sleeping Beauty in Wonderland

I am truly worried about my friend Audrey. 100% stressed out over this. She is in the hospital being treated for a condition called Myedema Coma, something so rare that even the doctors treating her have never done this before. Last Friday, the day of her birthday party, Audrey had a car accident caused by her thyroid shutting down, which led to the myedema coma. Audrey's husband is busy trying to keep family and friends updated, so I've been keeping a close watch on my girl's facebook, hoping for good news, good changes. As she slips in and out of wonderland, I worry that she'll lose her way home. I am crossing every finger and twisting up all my toes that this Sleeping Beauty can make it back to us quickly. Please please please send your prayers, the very best of wishes, and good vibes for my sweet friend.

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