Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Girly Things and Apple Cider Vinegar Preaching

I am a girly girl. So sue me.

Maybe this post will firmly slot me in the "high-maintenance" category, but I thought I'd write a post about some of beaut- producty-things I cannot live without, because I am a girly girl and who cares? Google Reader is dead, and now no one will ever read my blog again.


  • Carols Daughter MONOI OIL - Strengthens, negates frizz, makes shiny... all and all one of my most favorite hair products of all time, especially now that I have been growing my hairs all long and I straighten it almost every day.
To read more about this miracle product, check out the Carols Daughter website

  • BEAUTY BALM Dr. Jart+ Black Label Detox - Camouflages, hydrates, and protects (has an amazing SPF that worked better than my other sunscreens at Lake Powell!). I use this instead of any foundation, and it works BETTER. High five, Dr J!
 More info on Dr. Jart+ Beauty Balm at Sephora.com.

  •  Alpha Beta DAILY PEEL Original Formula, Dr Dennis Gross - Wizards made this.  I swear it.  This product makes my complexion clearer, magically erases pores, and, overall, helps my skin look more awake. MAGIC.
MORE INFO @ Sephora.com

I use it because it makes my skin more clear and bright. You can use it as an overnight toner (if you don't mind the smell) which zap blemishes! It helps raise the metabolism, which is brilliant if you are like me and feel tired ALL THE TIME.

I am truly obsessed with this miracle product. It doesn't come in a fancy bottle, and no you can't buy it at Sephora (my Sephora addiction had to end somewhere), but I swear my this more than any other product out there, despite its horrid taste and smell.

I drink a tablespoon diluted in a mug of water every morning, and sometimes even a second shot at night before bed. I swear on all the holy books (ALL OF THEM) that this treatment works.  Give it a month or two before you pass judgement... doing it once or twice isn't going to do anything grand. So stick with it!

P.S. Don't just go out and buy any old vinegar. Make sure you buy the Apple Cider Vinegar made with "the mother". In other words, it needs to have floating bits of what I am guessing to be apple that cakes the bottom of the bottle, like so:

For more info on this miracle elixar:

(Also, a friend once told me that her 60+ Uncle drank some every single day... and he now looks twenty years younger than he should. Despite my normal cynicism, I'm a sucker for stories like this...whether or not it is true. Let's pretend that it is.)


  1. I totally want to try the apple cider vinegar!

  2. i think we might give the cider vinegar a go! :) ps. you better keep your blog up! Especially now that you live so far away! We need some way to see whats going on with you even if it is the prettified blog version ;) Love YOU!

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