Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Photoshoot: Kathryn Cartwright, Dancer. Part 1

This is Kathryn C.
I think Kathryn is the cat's pajamas.
The Bee's knees.

I've practically raised her from a pup.
Nooooooot really, but I have known her a very long while.
We met at a Repertory Dance Theater Summer Intensive, in SLC, UT... way back in the day...
She was a highschool student, and I was in the midst of my under-grad dance career.
I reconnect with her at the University of Utah Modern Dance Department.
I was a fresh-faced Grad student, and she was a world-wise Sophomore.

This meant that we got to graduate together... THE VERY BEST great wonderful long-time-coming day.

I am going to miss her, as she jet sets off the the BIG APPLE to pursue her dance career.
EVERYBODY - Wish my girl some luck and send her off in style.
Break some legs, take some names, and MERDE, Lady K.

 P.S. Thank you for letting photograph you
and your awesome dances moves.
You are a good friend and a beautiful dancer!

  P.P.S. Prepare yourselves for Kathryn's Dance Photoshoot Part 2...
I just have to finish editing them!

(Kathryn was photographed at the Salt Lake City Library, in SLC, UT)

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  1. My fear of heights can't handle these photos, albeit beautiful!