Thursday, May 15, 2014

"BUY ME A BATMAN SHIRT" or "3/4 The Radebaugh family'

I try not to play favorites, but who am I kidding, Rachel Radebaugh is my favorite. Plus her littles are adorbs, so I guess I'll adopt the whole family (even dad, though he had to work during our shoot). Forgive me for shortening adorable arbitrarily, but HAVE YOU SEEN THESE KIDS? 
They are pretty darn cute.
Amen and amen.

(Thank you for hanging out with me, Ms Thang. I love your family, but mostly because you are all photogenic. JK I love you for a billion other reasons. Thank you for the opportunity to take photos of your family!)

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  1. Oh I cry. You stop that sweet flattery or I'll likely die of loneliness. I swear I haven't seen some of these pictures. I really can't wait to get some framed. I shall show you the end result when that day comes. And I really get all sour stomachy having my picture taken, so thanks for making it a lovely evening. Donuts and all. Sheesh.