Saturday, May 17, 2014

My fake kids and secret dreams of the snow, aka. the Wall Family

This is my sister Whitney and her Supermanhusband, Ryan. 
Mostly because they are awesome, but also because they had kids (four boundless bundles of joy, to be exact) and I love them MORE.
JK, (but only kind of, tee hee)... I will write a love letter to you, Ms Whitney, once I get home to Utah to do another family photo for you. XOXO.

When I have a family, I really hope that they are as bright, beautiful, interesting, quirky, and unique as the Wall kids (and parents) are. Good thing I'm pregnant. JUST KIDDING.
You'd love that, wouldn't you, ENTIRE FAMILY?

 I couldn't leave out Willow. Because I secretly plan on stealing her, changing her name to Balto, and training her to lead my brave sled dog pack down the Iditarod trail, along with the Wall family's two cats.
Pipe dreams.

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