Friday, October 31, 2014

Monster Mash 2014: #31 & HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATE ANNE

One month later, as I catch up on Monster Mashin, back-posting blogs about my favorite month (I was a ghost for about a month, nbd. To be honest, from day 23 and on, I had ghosted, but now have totally pretended like I was on top of this ish, and found some primo-top-of-the-line-choice-cut Monster images for you) and I have realized I have almost completely forgotten about one of my favorite person's BIRFFFDAY.

You are great.
I want to write you long letters, epic tales, three sagas, a tome,
but this will have to do: a song.
It's your birthday.
It's your party, their your friends, so you can cry too.
The day before you stepped into this world, the skies were gold, and cabbage crooned.
Everyone stood on their head, turned around three times, wished they were dead...
But you opened your eyes,
squealed out, shook your fists,
and the world turned rightside up again, because,
You are great.

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