Saturday, October 4, 2014

Monster Mash 2014: #4

 Husband generously let me have 100% choosing power over our movie date last night, so instead of choosing any of the more mature options, I chose to see 'The Box Trolls'. You should probably drop what you are doing, and go throw your shekels down at your local Cinemark, or Moviesmoviesmovies, or what have you, to see this gorgeous little movie. Here are my reasons to see 'The Box Trolls':

A. It will warm the cockles of your cold dark hearts.

B. You'll be singing "Tiny Boxes" (a la Weeds, season 1) for the next three days. No, it's a good thing.

C. It's good clean fun, that you won't have to change the subject about when your 12 year old sister wants to join in the conversation (I have been watching waaaaaaaaaaaaay too much Game of Thones...)

D. You'd be supporting Laika, the brilliant stop-motion production house, who deserves as much patronage as possible.

1 comment:

  1. Laura and I love Caroline and I've been way excited for The Box Trolls. It's been receiving a lot of harsh criticisms from some, I don't understand the hate! It looks awesome and probably better than Paranorman (I liked Paranorman, just not as much as Coraline).