Saturday, March 8, 2008

Burning your bra is the new black

There is nothing more satisfying then a gentleman with appropriate facial hair. Scruff is always beautiful. “What’s with this appreciation for the slovenly and the unkempt”, you may ask. All I can tell you is that deep down, every women just wants their own Neanderthal.

17. You had a mouth like a saint and the vocabulary of a sailor . . . and to think that we basically got paid for that.

I never really liked jigsaw puzzles. They are probably the most boring pastime ever, next to string/hand games, “my grandmother’s cat”, and that pioneer game with the stick. Puzzles always end the same, no matter how you jam those suckers together. Plus, it’s much too easy to cheat and look at the finished product proudly displayed on the box lid. This time, ohhhhh this time, I have a feeling this one is going to be much more interesting. This puzzle is harder than the regular violent montage. I’m still working through these blurry details. Just hand me a couple more tissues and sew up my hands. I’m still in.

I’m starting to think that you knew me before I knew me. Maybe we should go around the room and make some introductions.

More 17. Anytime, anyplace. I’ll bring more stuff to nonchalantly leave in your room.
Hipster Olympics
The above mentioned video will make you have a seizure. I'm pretty sure.

It’s no wonder that Brand New included his name amongst their titles. Jude Law and Mexican candy are two very good reasons to rebel against social norms of a weekend.

“Dexter Lennox had the sort of face you wanted to tape back together. He had the sort of face hat looked as if it had been built with parts from different busts. A thrift-store face, with an enormous nose, differently shaped eyes, a mouth too small for his jaw.
I found him irresistibly unhandsome.”-Katherine Taylor

3. Do you remember that time we wanted to kiss in the rain, so we pushed each other into the sprinklers for the less grandiose effect?

I’m still hungry, and wandering from room to room isn’t exactly filling up any daily calorie allowance. Neither is biting on my own mouth. I never was as good at that as you were.

I hope you got my postcard.


  1. The truth of your first paragraph has been proven to me again and again, but will always seem strange.