Thursday, January 29, 2009

2006, 2007 Flight

Stand up! Keep your backs straight! Remember that is where the wings grow." -Martha Graham

Do you remember when I was obsessed with wings?
I do.


  1. I love wings...they make me think of freedom :) ... Love the pictures :)


  2. new idea? lets take pictures with wings. why have we not done this yet? I'm in the airport on the way home but my phone died. Got your message but I can't call you back. Will do so tomorrow. Lub jub.

    p.s. my word verification is "sluffi".

  3. Hmm. Makes me want to fly away. I found this and totally thought it was your kind of thing:

  4. I just reposted with a link to Gil Leora's website. If you didn't find it its

    And my "beauty" is unique, different and interesting. In fact I'm generally surprised when people think I'm pretty. Even though people tell me all the time, I always question it. But THANK YOU for the compliment.

    If I marry someone that hugs me every morning and tells me I'm beautiful, my happiness would be too much to handle.

    Wow, the word verification below is "fartlets." No kidding.

  5. i absolutely love wings too. have you seen the movie Ever After with drew barrymore? anyway, there is this scene where she is wearing this beautiful dress with wings. i was so obsessed with that movie partly because of that dress with wings. i always told myself i would wear wings for prom, but i told my mom about my idea and she thought it was crazy. so i didnt. i should have.

  6. Yesterday i saw a movie (Max Payne) they have this thing with wings in that film