Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Jessica and her camera get along quite well.

My dear dear dear beautiful friend, Jessica Peterson
(Jessica's Official Photography Website
asked me to help spice up her artistic statement.
Here lies the fruit of my efforts.
Some people, when excited, wave their arms and waggle their fingers and other necessary extremities to articulate and punctuate their sentences. Some people, when joyful, dance jigs and click their heels together three times. Some people, when distraught, lie on the floor for a week, moan un-earthy sounding moans, and later start successful careers in pop music. Jessica Peterson, can, will, and does blink once, and the sum of all the sentiments, opinions, and truth of living in this green world, is gathered in photo form.
Jessica and her camera get along quite well.
They hold hands and skip through existence responding and reacting to the beauty and life that surrounds all. Jessica and her camera can build forts under tables with blankets, make up secret passwords (using pig-Latin and actual Latin), and tip toe softly to be the first to see Christmas morning. Jessica and her camera will spill enormous vats of golden light onto the audience that digests the creative nuance and dynamics that populate this artwork.

Jessica swam through blood, sweat, and tears and blissfully earned her BFA in Photography from Art Center in Pasadena CA in 2006. She has been working independently as a freelance photographer, as well as an in-house photographer and editor at a stock production company.


  1. I love this. So much. Will you write an artistic statement for me too? Write up a quick draft. I'm sure it will inspire me to do something artistic to use it with.

  2. The first photo with the sexy couple under water is HOT!!! I love swimming with boys... mmm.. good memories....

  3. so that second to last picture with the girl in the red shirt is my cousin. ok my second cousin, but we grew up pretty close. that is kinda crazy and coincidence-y