Saturday, January 24, 2009


Happy 9th Birthday, Daniel B., dearest of little brothers
(not that I don't absolutely love the other three . . .).

Today, not only did I eat copious amounts of pizza and frosting (I would do this anyway), ALMOST play laser tag, divy out 200 tokens to 9 little boys and girls, dominate at DDR (I would do this anyway), and steal some little kid's scooter and terrorized a skate rink for about two minutes, but I got to half-heartedly do that time-honored and annoying ritual of dancing the "Y.M.C.A."
and the "Hokey Pokey" (50 bucks to the first person who can tell me why humanity really wonders/ponders/over uses the pun of "that's what it's all about").

This is just plain ridiculous. And ugly. I wish the hokey pokey had better graphic art.

I say that it's about time to find a new obsession and latch on on to other subliminal meanings in fun party songs that could possibly be played at a 9 year old's birthday party at Classic Skating.

For example: just who was it that put the bop in the bop-shoo-bop-shoo-bop?

Oh, to be nine again.

Oh, to actually want to party at Classic Skating again.


  1. lets go to classic. I mean it. we'll have fun like we were 13 again.

  2. one time i went to classic skating (on of about 900 times in my youth) and i didnt wear my glasses, because what girl would want to snowball or couples skate with a guy with glasses? then, when my mother picked me up, we went straight to the movie theater as a family to watch "magic in the water." I really couldnt see any of the magic in the water, because of my lack of glasses, due to attempting to find my skating soul mate. I regret that to this very day.

  3. CLAIRE!!! Oh I am so happy that I had all the time at work that could just go through and look at random peoples blog to find yours. Yes I get paid to play on the internet. We have to catch up. Jill lives within a 30 mile radius so we should take advantage.Email me! Shawnee