Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Fall 2010 Mix a la Nate

I recently sent out a plea for mixtapes from my friends on google buzz.
This is what I got back:
1. Jessica E's quote from a Brand New song (Brand New - Your Favorite Weapon - Mixed Tape).
2.Two great downloaded mixes from the Californian Chris Nielsen, Film Student, Sufjan Steven's Concert go-er (oh man, I TOTALLY saw you there), and my Personal Music Guru.
and finally 3. THE BELOW MIX from another musical guru/genius, my friend Nate H. Good show old boy (Please bless that you aren't tooooo mad that I put your awesome mix online... I mean, what if it's totally private and I just gave the entire 19 people who actually read my blog access to it?).

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