Friday, December 10, 2010


I should be writing my Literature Review.
I mean, I AM writing it.

I'm just taking a break to post a little something from said Lit Review, THAT I KNOW I'll probably have to cut due to the fact that I always ALWAYS over use irony and long lists in my Research Design papers:
"The average American person loves their television set almost as much as they love easy cheese, precocious children, angst ridden romantic songs (with sound bytes from popular movies played over the chorus), and/or tiny dogs that can balance a teacup on it’s nose. All of this pales in comparison to what an average American person truly, madly, and deeply loves. This passion is found in regard to reality TV."
And there you have it. A selection from my paper entitled "Dancing with the American Idol, Who Thinks They Can Dance."
I'm having more fun with this then I should.
I mean, WHO has fun in Graduate school?


  1. Baha!! I hate that you really are writing yours and I'm on the internet.. that's it.. I'm inspired!! I want to have fun with mine too!

  2. There are reasons why I.m in love with you, that sarcastic wit is one of many.