Monday, May 16, 2011

Affianced, Betrothed, Engaged.

Chris + Claire

"Anyone can be passionate,
but it takes real lovers to be silly."
-Rose Franken, writer

Mark your calendars.

July 21 & 22, 2011

...are going to race up like lightning, then run in slow motion.

(Oh, I so love my future husband.)


  1. Congratulations! My daughter is getting married in June so I liked how you described it--the day comes speedily and then slow motioin through it. Enjoy the time and don't let the little details get you stressed.

  2. YAY!!!! Congratulations! I'm so excited for you.

  3. bout' time you put the announcement up! :) Um, I about died from beauty by that second picture. Words can not even describe the awe striking beauty of it! Congratulations dear Claire. You will make such a lovely bride. I can't wait to see your dress and decor! :) xo

  4. and I love my future wife! I am so blessed to have you! Almost as blessed as you are to be around such a fun and ridiculous chap such as I am! Insert an emoticon sticking its tongue out in some form of jest!

  5. Congrats!!!! Love your engagement pictures!