Wednesday, May 18, 2011

It's getting hot in herre.

Excuse the throwback to '02 Nelly (sorry- Cornell Haynes, Jr.) reference. I'm starting Bikram yoga this week... and I am how they say "pumped". I made the calculated purchase of a month long pass to Bikram Yoga Salt Lake City from Living Social (we've all bought coupons on Groupon... LS is like its twin sister). I made the second calculate purchase of a yoga mat... and then made the third not-so-calculated-but-excused-because-my-doctor-said-to-buy-it purchase of a foam roller (not really directly needed for yoga, but when I start making lists I always feel like I need to end on odd-numbers... Annnnnnnnnnnd foam rollers are awesome for injuries and sore-muscles...).
I just read a really convincing article about Hot Yoga (which is similar, but less HOT then Bikram). It convinced me to change from being a out-of-sorts meerkat to a sleek and skinny minx.
"Hot Yoga Changed My Life, Body, and Spirit Animal"

Come salute the sun and sweat from your elbows with me. Mind you, yoga will be the only posing allowed.


  1. I want to come! do they have classes on saturday? is this deal still on LS?

  2. ummm this is mandee on my school account in case you could not tell