Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Let's get out of this country...

I'm a lucky girl. I have three (count 'em) vacations to look forward to this summer. I can almost feel the shackles melt away already.
  1. I get to visit my friend Jessica in NYC (she's shooting my bridals there!!!) in two weeks.
  2. I've been unofficially adopted into the Mower family, and shall, after years and years of begging, be taken with on the family vacation to Lake Powell.(P.S. THIS NEVER ACTUALLY WENT DOWN... MAYBE NEXT TIME... NEXT YEAR...???)
  3. HONEYMOON. Jealous?

P.S I'm adding this note a day later as I forgot to add my 2nd reception in Atlanta, GA. THAT date is yet to be determined, buuuuut it IS happening sometime at the end of August. So make that FOUR vacations (of sorts). Lucky lucky lucky.

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